We are a leading European manufacturer of interior shading technology with more than 27 years of tradition. We specialize mainly in the production of fabric roller blinds, wooden blinds, Roman blinds, curtains, panel walls and special shading systems. In-house research and development, where we focus primarily on fabric roller blinds and large area shading, is exactly what sets the brand apart from the rest.

Today, shading elements are part of projects - they play a big role in heat transfer and energy calculations and, last but not least, they are an interior design accessory. With this comes increasing requirements for design, quality, adaptation to architectural intentions and multifunctionality. We now proudly present a worldwide patent, the ZOOMTECH® technology, which prevents the winding tube from bending and the fabric of the roller blinds from being deformed in large widths. Another new features are the new BLIND BLOCK and BLIND BOX systems with the 85 cassette, also suitable for hidden installation in ceilings.


R+T Innovation Award 2024 winner
R+T Innovation Award 2024 winner
ZOOMTECH® technology wins GOLD at prestigious R+T Innovation Awards 2024
In-house research and development
In-house research and development
We distinguish ourselves with our own research and development and hold patents for shading systems.
Custom project solutions
Custom project solutions
We implement special applications and custom project solutions for our partners.
Production specialization
Production specialization
As part of our research and development, we primarily focus on fabric blinds and shading for large and atypical areas.
Exclusive collection of fabrics
Exclusive collection of fabrics
You can choose from more than 670 types of fabrics in several exclusive collections.


With increasing requirements for product quality and design, we focus on the smallest details, and on the future we leave to the next generation. For this reason, we continuously improve and modernise our production processes, making them more efficient and less energy-intensive. We are trying to cover our energy consumption from renewable sources. We use mainly ecologically produced and processed materials, which we source mainly locally, thus minimizing the need for air transport, which has a significant impact on the environment.

Aluminum, plastics, paper and packaging materials are used with maximum efficiency and leftovers are recycled. At the same time, our products help to optimise the use of natural resources such as light and heat, making them an active element in energy savings and a great addition to energy efficient homes. Last year, we had solar panels installed on the roof of the company, which has become another of the many ways we contribute to environmental protection every day.



BEMATECH is a proud member of the European Solar Shading Organization (ES-SO) - a European non-profit organization representing professionals in the shading industry.

ES-SO advocates for shading technology to be recognized as a sustainable and energy-efficient solution, crucial for preventing building overheating and optimizing the use of daylight. In line with the EU's goal of achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, it collaborates with policymakers and experts to develop strategies that emphasize the importance of shading for the future of construction. Based in the heart of Europe, Brussels, ES-SO is ideally positioned to influence energy policy and introduce innovative approaches in shading that not only improve the quality of life but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our membership in ES-SO reflects our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, allowing us to lead innovations in our field. Together, we strive for sustainable development and a future where shading technology is an integral part of architectural designs, supporting a healthier, more energy-efficient, and harmonious living environment.

ZOOMTECH® technology wins GOLD at R+T Innovation Awards 2024

We are thrilled to share the news that our family-owned company has won the Innovation Award - Gold prize at the R+T 2024 trade fair, the world’s leading event for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. ZOOMTECH® technology is a game-changer in the blinds industry that solves the long-standing problem of tube deflection. This problem has prevented the production of large roller blinds without compromising the aesthetics and quality of the fabric. As glass surfaces are becoming bigger and bigger, we offer a new technology that allows the fabrication of perfect-looking, very wide minimalistic blinds.

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