Do you have infinitely large windows and you don't know how to shield them?

Enjoy functionality in all its beauty. Hiding technical elements is one of the basic pillars of minimalism, an architectural style that Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and many other important personalities in the field of architecture began to promote.

The uninterrupted surface of the glass creates the impression of endless space and enhances the feeling of merging with the surrounding environment. The ZOOMTECH roller blind does not disturb this enjoyment and ensures maximum functionality while using the minimum space. This is made possible by a patented solution to compensate for large-width pipe bending, which is otherwise prevented by the use of larger pipes and fittings. Roller blinds are the most effective tool for the recovery of solar energy and regulation of its intensity, thanks to which you will achieve optimal comfort and reduced consumption of other energy sources for heating or cooling.