2 basic types of sewing

2 basic types of sewing

Laminate reinforcements are sewn into the fabrics, visible either from the back or from the front.


Motorization of Roman blinds is a matter of course in modern buildings and interiors. Connection to home intelligent systems is extremely convenient for users.
Different types of linings

Different types of linings

The lining of the basic design material guarantees the protection of the fabric itself and also significantly reduces the penetration of light.
Special collection of fabrics

Special collection of fabrics

Fabrics for Roman blinds must have minimal shrinkage and large width. Our collection has been compiled according to these requirements.

Roman blinds not only in the living room

Roman blinds are typical for their horizontal folds. Fiberglass reinforcements divide the area into equally wide horizontal stripes.

Our collection includes more than 180 fabrics of various shades and structures, specially selected for the production of Roman blinds. It is manufactured on a special machine, which guarantees 100% equality of sewing tunnels for laminate reinforcements. The side hems are sewn as standard with a so-called lost stitch.​

Modern profiles allow manual, motor or battery control.
THE LARGE ROMAN ROLLER BLIND is controlled manually or by motor. The maximum area for manual control is 12 m2. In the case of a larger area, it is possible to use motor control.
ROME ROLLER BLIND MEDIUM is designed for manual operation with a metal or plastic chain up to a maximum width of 300 cm and a height of 320 cm.

Control of Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be operated manually or motorized. Manual control with a chain system can also be used for large roman blinds.

Easy maintenance of blinds

The advantage is very simple maintenance of Roman blinds. The fabric is attached to the profile with Velcro. It can therefore be easily removed and washed, or replaced with a new one with a different design. We offer fabrics with high color and shape stability.

Technical specifications

Max. width: up to 4200 mm (depending on the system used and the method of control)
Max. height: up to 5900 mm (depending on the system used and the method of control)

Collection of fabrics

Choose from our collection of fabrics, which includes a complete range of shades and textures and at the same time is discreet and timeless.

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Technical sheets

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