Light control capability

Light control capability

TWINTEX is a roller blind for those who want fabric shielding and at the same time enjoy the benefits of incoming light control, similar to horizontal blinds.
Harmonization of individual elements

Harmonization of individual elements

TWINTEX is already equipped with design elements made of stainless steel in its basic design.
Transparent and translucent

Transparent and translucent

Thanks to special fabrics with double weaving density, you can change the amount of incoming light energy.
Interesting design

Interesting design

With its interesting design, TWINTEX appeals to most customers who are considering roller blinds.

A Roller blind, a horizontal blind and a curtain in one

Roller blind with a fabric, on which transparent and shading stripes alternate. The so-called the day and night blind allows the regulation of incoming light and protects your privacy. It works best up to a width of 220 cm and a height of 300 cm. If we add TWINTEX to the luxury line of INFINITY COLLECTION sidewalls, it is a very interesting product in terms of design.

Thanks to the fact that at Bematech we produce all roller blinds tailored to the customer and his interior, with the help of Twintex roller blinds you can also achieve shielding of large windows and atypical surfaces. In this case, we will arrange the roller blinds in one cassette, which will make the shielding uniform.

Twintex box 68

Aluminum cassette for Twintex roller blind in size 74x70 mm. The cassette is made of high-quality aluminum and its design is designed to underline and highlight the fabric of the roller blind. The cassettes are strong enough and excel in easy assembly using clips.

We offer them as standard in white or gray. However, you can choose any RAL or NCS color in which we paint the box at an additional cost. The color box can suitably unify your interior design or, conversely, highlight the color of the chosen fabric.

Twintex Box 86

A series of cassettes in two shapes, in sizes 93x86 mm. During their development, we paid particular attention to ensuring that they blend in with the look of the interior and highlight the selected fabric. Aluminum boxes are solid and their advantage is an easy installation.

We offer them as standard in white or gray, but for an additional fee you can choose any RAL or NCS color in which we paint the box.

Underline the individual style of your interior.

The design line of wooden brackets of the INFINITY collection with a modern surface treatment includes WOOD, PAINT, CHAPLIN, METALLIC and BLACKSMITH variants. Choose the best from a number of color variants.

The INFINITY series is compatible with PURE, HYBRID and ZOOMTECH systems.


Easy control

TWINTEX as well as other roller blinds can be motorized in addition to manual control by electric battery or 230V motors in two basic series. HOME - economical range of engines, SOMFY-branded engines with a five-year warranty.

TWINTEX with SOMFY and HOME motors can also be controlled by a smartphone or a central home intelligent system.

Technical specifications

Max. width: up to 2200 mm
Max. height: up to 3000 mm

Collection of fabrics

Choose from our collection of fabrics, which offers the best on the current market and allows you to choose the right fabric for your project.

Technical sheets

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